If you have designs ready to code, we’ll build a WordPress theme you’ll be proud to put your name on. And if you already have a WordPress theme and need some customisation, we can help with that too.

Who we are

dave-wilkinson‘We’ is usually just me, Dave Wilkinson. When I get busy I turn to a couple of trusted freelance developers, but most projects are built by me from start to finish. I’ve been a full-time WordPress theme developer since 2008. When I’m not building websites you’ll find me making hand-made wooden furniture.


  • Build for all devices. If your theme is responsive we will work on all major devices to make sure it looks as good on desktop as it does on your mobile.
  • Deliver on-time. We do our best to stick to deadlines and promised delivery dates because you’re expecting us to. We’ll also keep you updated on your project’s status as we’re working.
  • Build quality is key. Someday, someone other than our team is going to want to edit your theme. To make this easier for them we work to WordPress coding standards, we comment everything and we write code that’s easy to understand & tweak.
  • We support our customers. After we ship a theme we’ll always be available to answer questions or provide ongoing support. Just ask and we’ll do our best to help.
  • We believe in fair pricing. We aren’t as cheap as an Elance freelancer, but we’re more reliable than most and we do good work. We believe our rates are in line with the level of service we provide.

Get in touch

If you’re on Twitter, feel free to follow @davewilkinson for infrequent rants about making tea and websites. If you’re into woodworking, find me on Instagram. For everything else, please use the contact details below.